Invite to Tsu social network – Uncommon invitation

Do you want a tsu invite? You will learn here how to get a free invitation to this new social media.

Tsu is a great social network that pays users to post. It is pronounced “Sue”.

How to join tsu without a tsu invite?

New members can only join tsu by user invitation (via member shortcodes). Look here:

Our invite-only system enables us to track and distribute network value to the users who help tsu social media grow.

Joint tsu – The network

Your network is also valuable. The other half of your earned revenue on tsu comes from the growth and activity of your personal social network. One third of all users’ content-generated revenue is passed up to the person that directly invited them to join tsu. A third (1/3) of the remaining shared revenue will then go to the person that invited that user, and so on. The generations of users in your personal network are a part of what they call your Family tree.

If you are friends with a user, than each of you automatically follow each other, and you will share both levels of content in your feeds. 

The payments

Select bank on the left side of the navigation bar, click “redeem” and complete the redemption request. Tsu will perform some validation checks before mailing a check to the user. A user must have a minimum of $100 in their tsu bank in order to request a check. 

Half of your earned revenue is in the form of royalties generated by the content you post. Sharing content on tsu is as simple as any other social platform.

Get your invite to tsu now!